Reid Cycles wants to see everyone improve their lives through the simple joy of riding a bike! We’ve always tried to make it easy to get riding and offer the below guide for people who qualify for the NDIS and may be entitled to getting a bicycle or eBike in this way.

So can your NDIS funding go towards a new bicycle or electric bike? Yes - it can, but you will need to qualify and then work through the steps below with your NDIS planner. Once done, let us know and we can take it from there.

What is the NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides support and government funding to individuals living with a disability across Australia in ways that help improve their lives. Bikes and Electric Bikes can improve lives in many ways, and therefore may qualify for funding assistance.

To tap into NDIS assistance, individuals with disabilities must undergo registration and approval prior to securing funding or support. Inclusion of ‘Assistive Technology’ in your NDIS plan is the key part before you can get a bike or eBike under your benefit.

Seeking Support for 'Assistive Technology'

Bicycles and Electric bikes are classified as Assistive Technology by the NDIS. To get funding towards a purchase:

  1. Draft a detailed inventory of your existing equipment and assistive technology.
  2. Obtain quotes for the bike you’d like through NDIS support (we can help you with this).
  3. Calculate maintenance and servicing costs for the chosen bicycle (we can help you with that too).
  4. Detail the ways in which assistive technology would help improve your day-to-day activities.
  5. Speak to your Occupational Therapist to complete the Assistive Technology Assessment Form.
  6. Share all the above documentation with your NDIS planner to see if it fits within your support budget.
  7. TAD or Solve in your region will supply you with a quote and supporting letter when requesting funding for a Reid Cycles bike or electric bike.

    When you are ready to purchase, please contact our Customer Support team at and they will walk you through the steps to get on your new bike.