Best Mountain Bike Trails in Perth

Best Mountain Bike Trails in Perth

Perth has a solid array of mountain biking destinations, as well as bike tracks and routes that allow for both travel and pleasant recreation. Without the abrupt hills of some other cities, Perth is a great place to begin your riding adventures. The main thing to be aware of, as locals will know, is the weather. There is no question it can get hot, and riding in this heat can lead to much of the water in your body exiting your pores to frolic in the wider atmosphere, fine as far as it goes barring the fact you probably needed that water to run your body in a healthy fashion.


Consequently, you need to check weather forecasts, carry plenty of water and don’t be frightened to ride in the early morning and late afternoon, leaving the middle of the day free for some hard-core air conditioned coffee shop lounging. Read on to discover the best mountain bike trails in Perth.

Kalamunda Mountain

Kalamunda Mountain Bike Trails is probably the Perth area’s most popular off-road destination, located around a 40 minute drive east of the city centre. It has over 40km of signposted singletrack, mainly of an intermediate standard, but with some easier as well as harder tracks thrown in for good measure. Most are one way, so please follow the signs, and there is also a freeride trail with jumps, berms and wooden obstacles for the brave and bold, plus a pump track so you can show off your mad skills to your mates. Tracks vary in length, so suit either a short visit or a full day’s expedition. There are four car parks to choose from, only one without toilets, the others being equipped with toilets and picnic tables. The Camel Farm car park is the safest from larcenous types, and also offers a café and camel rides, so you can experience the original offroad vehicle from before the invention of mountain bikes and Toyotas. More information can be found hat the Kalamunda Collective website


The Goat Farm

The Goat Farm, on the outskirts of Perth is often a first port of call for many mountain bikers, as it is a dedicated MTB park that is also easily accessible by public transport. It was the first MTB park in Perth, and has a range of options including some downhill trails, a skills park for training, a 4x course plus some cross country trails. Whilst it is a well-known venue, the novice should be aware that many of the trails are challenging and need to be treated with respect. The skills park is an excellent spot to learn new techniques, and there is around 10km of trails, so whilst this is a great resource to visit, it is not an all day adventure locale. There are toilets should you need them, but precious little shade on the trails, so be prepared to bake on a warm day. More information can be found on the Trails WA website

Lanford Park


Langford Park in Jarrahdale is around 45 minutes drive south east of Perth, and boasts over 20km of groomed and signposted trails to suit both beginners and more experienced riders alike. The hills are more gradual, rather than abrupt, (a relief to some), and the single track flows downhill in a grin inducing way that will see riders returning for multiple laps of favourite trails. The car park has not only toilets and a shady picnic area, but also free gas BBQs for that post ride pick me up, unless you decide to check out one of the town’s cafes or wineries. All the information you need can be found here

More MTB Trails near Perth

There are a range of other mountain biking haunts around Perth, depending on where you are based and how are you with to drive. A selection of them include:

  • Turner Hill Mountain Bike Trail, a very popular 11km loop some one and a half hour’s drive from town, with a smaller kids loop, car parking and toilets. Bang out a couple of quick laps and enjoy the obstacles and rocks that will keep you vigilant.
  • Forsyth’s Mill, about 45km out of Perth, is a short, flat singletrack with some well constructed features to keep beginner and experienced riders alike guessing, with generous handfuls of pea gravel stirred in for amusement
  • Carinyah Trail is a 15km loop of 4wd tracks and fire trails suitable for beginners near Roleystone. Beware of loose dust and gravel as the area dries out over summer
  • Kwinana Loop Trail is a multi-use trail that circles the city for 21km on a mix of gravel and paved surfaces. Be careful of other track users, and enjoy the views and the coastal environment. A great way to enjoy the bush with facilities close by


Munda Biddi Trail

Western Australian riders defiantly need to consider a visit to the Munda Biddi Trail. Stretching 1000km from Mundaring to Albany, this offroad trail is one of National Geographic’s top ten cycle routes in the world. Accessible from multiple points by vehicle, you can drop in for a short section, a day, or the whole undertaking, and ride self supported or have a tour operator help you out with guides and gear transport. Many businesses along the route are cycle friendly, so can come to your aid if there reaches a point you need help, solace, a bed, caffination or sustenance of any kind. For the beginner mountain biker the trail is very easy, scenic, and a short jaunt or weekend away might become inspiration for a longer adventure. Check out more on this iconic and world-class enterprise here.


Ready to hit the trails? First you're gonna need an epic, adventure-ready mountain bike. You can check out our range of MTBs online or head into your nearest Reid store.

Of course those who know the trails best are the locals, so don’t hesitate to drop into your local bike shop to find out the best places to ride, and maybe some secret spots to boot. Clubs are also a great resource for information as well as a way of meeting like-minded people and learning new skills. Speak to your local Reid dealer about the best bike and gear for your next adventure, then hit the trails. You’d be mad not to.

If you're ready for adventure check out even more MTB Trails around Australia


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