Bike-proof picnics (no more soggy sandwiches)

Bike-proof picnics (no more soggy sandwiches)


Bike riding is a great option for picnics: you can make the most of the outdoors and there’s no need to find or pay for a car park. You can meet up with friends and make a day of it, or meet them somewhere. The beach, the park, a BYO (food or wine), the riverside, a farm, a vineyard... the list is endless!

Here are our tips for a bike-proof picnic, and how to avoid soggy sandwiches.

Picnic-proof foods

Keep it realistic and leave the soufflé at home. The most suitable foods are easily assembled at the picnic site, like baguettes with prosciutto, mozzarella and basil or burger buns with lentil patties, beetroot and salad. Packing the ingredients separately means that you won’t be confronted with a soggy mess by the time you get to eat it, and everyone can make their own to their liking.

Other easy-to-prepare and share foods are baked focaccias (savoury with rosemary and leek or sweet with fig and honey), homemade dips and pre-made salads. Don't forget to throw in bunches of grapes and a bottle of wine to ensure you look the part.

Tupperware is your friend

Things can go wrong when food isn’t packed well, especially on a bike. To avoid seeing your prized salad hit the tarmac or worse, explode in your backpack, use a combination of plastic wrap and Tupperware. To be extra sure, wrap your Tupperware in another plastic bag before you head off.

Transportation is key!

With your precious cargo (food) safely and snugly wrapped, your last hurdle to the perfect picnic is getting it there. You can kit out all of our Ladies Vintage Bikes with front and/or rear baskets and pannier bags . Both options are ideal for keeping your food secure throughout the journey.

So hop on your bike, fill your baskets and enjoy some time in the sun!

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