eBikes in a post-COVID (or COVID normal) world!

eBikes in a post-COVID (or COVID normal) world!

eBikes; the norm of the new world.

With us all being weary of the global pandemic - taking control of our own safety and the safety of those around us has become very important. With most states in Australia making the move back towards our new COVID-normal, many of us will be transitioning back to the office.

The big question here is what will our daily commute to work look like in the new world?

The idea of heading to the office during peak hour on a crowded bus, train or tram, which was once an everyday occurrence, now seems like a nightmare. The thought of not being able to control who enters your personal space is a scary thought for many.

Many would then turn to driving as the next option. But if everyone decides to jump in their cars, traffic will come to a halt all across Australia, with our commute becoming longer and more stressful.

Bike riding has now become a popular choice during COVID for both exercising and for transportation. It has been one of the singular mediums for keeping us all moving. eBikes are therefore a great alternative for those wanting a fast, safe and reliable daily commute.

For those of you not familiar with the term eBike - an eBike is an electrically powered bicycle. They function similarly to a normal bicycle, but have many additional benefits. One of which is the addition of battery powered pedal assistance. This gives you a pedaling boost that helps you arrive at your destination quicker and with less effort (and without all the sweat!).

Another great benefit of choosing an eBike for your daily commute is it's an easy way to save some money. The costs of public transportation, or petrol and parking for those that usually drive isn’t cheap. Although an eBike is a bigger cost to start with, over time, you will end up saving much more! On average, the yearly cost of catching public transport in Metro Australia is on par with the cost of a Reid eBike (which will last you a whole lot longer than a year!).

Switching from four wheels to two is also great for our environment. It helps to reduce carbon emissions, air and noise pollutants, and when you make the choice to ride with Reid, you help our environment a step further, as for every bike we sell, we plant a tree.

So what are you waiting for? Check out our range of eBikes here to see which options best suits your needs.

Happy eRiding,

The Reid Cycles Team

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