Reid Granite reviews by Australia’s leading cycling writers

Reid Granite reviews by Australia’s leading cycling writers

When it comes to Reid Granite reviews, there's been a resoundingly positive response from writers and reviewers at the forefront of Australia's cycling industry. The Granite has been featured in numerous online cycling publications such as Bikeradar, Bike Magazine and Ride On Magazine - just to name a few. It's been praised for it's versatility as "a solid commuter that can take on the trails with confidence" (Stu Moysey, Ride On Magazine) and applauded for it's powerful performance.

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We're pretty proud of our Reid Granite and the proof is in the pudding, as they say, read on to find out why the Reid Granite is the ultimate all-road, all-adventure gravel grinder.

Ride On Magazine

82% - Stu Moysey, Bike Reviewer

"If you want a solid commuter that can still take on the trails with confidence then look no further"

Ride On was impressed with both the quality and performance of the Granite, describing this bike as evidence of the evolution of the Reid brand.

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4/5 stars - Colin Levitch, Bike Reviewer

"In the past few years Reid has stepped up it's game, and the Granite is further proof of that."

Bikeradar applauded the Granite on comfort, versatility, it's carbon fork and the budget-friendly price.

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Bike Magazine

Outstanding - Aaron Scott, Editor

"If you’re after a solid commuter that can take you further afield on weekends, this bike is an outstanding performer."

Bike Magazine describes the Granite as an affordable introduction to the cyclocross craze. It ticks all the boxes in terms of it's balanced geometry.

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Bike Exchange

Impressive - Adam Kavanagh, Bike Reviewer

"The new 'All-road' category is for those who like a little bit of adventure but don't want to have a garage full of bikes."

Bike Exchange were impressed with the braking power and overall handling and performance of the Granite.

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We Are Explorers

Jack of all trades - Ross Blank, Contributor

"We definitely put the Reid Granite through its paces, and not only did it suck it up, it was heaps of fun to ride."

We Are Explorers proved the Granite is the ultimate touring machine on their adventure to the Blue Mountains. They didn't even want to give it back.

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