Silly Season Survival Guide! Enjoy your summer of cycling!

Silly Season Survival Guide! Enjoy your summer of cycling!

The Silly Season; it’s a great time to eat, drink, be merry and get back on the bike for some summer cycling to work off excess eating, drinking and merrymaking. Here’s our top seven tips for surviving the Silly Season.

1. If you’re jumping back on your bike after a break, do an ABC-Quick check!

That means check the Air in the tyres, make sure the Brakes are working, make sure your Chain is clean and lightly oiled and make sure your Quick-release skewers or your axle nuts are done right and tight! Got any questions, call one of stores and chat with the mechanics.

2. Don’t forget the sun! Sunglasses and sunscreen are a must.

A long winter hibernation might make you forget how hot the Aussie sun can be. Pop on sunscreen before you think you need it and make sure you take your sunnies with you. Your eyes and skin will thank you.

3. Play it safe when you’re going out on the bike and take a decent lock.

If you want to leave the bike after too much sun, food or ‘merrymaking’, you’ll be glad of having brought a good lock with you. Don’t risk a dodgy ride home - come back for the bike tomorrow. A good cable lock is easy to carry, but is nearly as tough as a d-lock.

4. Boardshorts are perfectly acceptable cycling attire.

Lycra is great for the long road rides, but if you’re just cruising, boardies are soft, dry quickly and give you an attractive, surfer/cyclist vibe. We’d recommend closed-toed shoes though. Thongs aren’t great for cycling.

5. When it comes to gifts, bikers are easy to buy for.

They always need cycling socks, tubes, tyres, drink bottles, chain lube, multi tools, extra lights and Reid Cycles gift vouchers. Whatever you get them, just make sure that they can carry it home in their backpack or pannier bags. Expect small (portable), but thoughtful gifts in return.

6. When it comes to overeating over the holidays, you risk falling into a food coma.

A trundle on the bike after lunch can help restart the metabolism, get your blood moving and prepare for the all-important holiday powernap prior to dinner. Too much good food and drink can induce wobbles, so grab your helmet when you go for a spin.

7. Add ice to beverages, especially if you want to moderate your calorie and alcohol intake.

Ice in your bevvy makes the drink last longer, stay cooler and helps you feel more satisfied. Plus, if your mates are drinking theirs straight they’ll be wobbly, while you’ll be hydrated, happy and ready for more fun. Drink bottles and bottle holders make this easy.

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