Urban Showcase

Urban Showcase

Busier roads. Increasing travel costs. Rocketing pollution. Longer, more depressing commutes. Expanding waistlines. What do these real-life challenges have in common? The car. Over 75% of short-distance, inner-city travel is made by one. We believe it’s time to escape these metal boxes, embrace two wheels, and reignite your freedom to move. Our Urban range of commuter bikes are the perfect platform to start this change and with our beleif that the freedom to move is for everyone come in at at incredibly competitive rates.

Urban X1

Built with city-life in mind, the Urban X1 is a reliable commuter bike with quality parts that make for a smooth ride. Internal cabling reduces the chance of damage and the collection of dirt making the Urban X1 a low-maintenance city commuter.

Urban X1 WSD

Our Urban X1 WSD is low-maintenance and ready to tackle the city roads. With a streamlined design tailored to the female frame for better comfort and performance, it is the essential commuter bike to get you to work happy and mindful.

Urban X2

Fall back and we’ll catch you. Trust, that’s what you’ll be getting with our Urban X2, a reliable new best friend, ready to perform for you in all conditions. With upgraded disc brakes and gearing, you’ll be in safe hands for your workplace commute and beyond. 

Urban X2 WSD

Designed with woman-specific design for enhanced comfort and performance and ergonomic grips, the Urban X2 WSD is perfect for those with a longer commute, or those looking for a versatile bike that can still crank out the miles on the weekend. 

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