Which saddle is best?

Which saddle is best?

How To Choose The Right Bike Saddle For You

The right saddle is a matter of personal preference. It’s one of the most important comfort factors when riding a bike and you may go through a few before you find your perfect one for you.

A good-quality, comfortable saddle is a very worthwhile upgrade for your bike. You’ll know when you’ve found which bike seat is most comfortable as you’ll completely forget about it while riding!

Choosing A Comfortable Bike Seat Starts With Fit

Width & Fit

The most important thing about saddles is fit. The width of the ‘wings’ of the saddle should match the width of your ‘sit bones’ (also called ischial tuberosities) for maximum support, comfort and circulation.

Saddle Cut Outs

Some riders like a saddle with a deep channel or cut-out down the length of the saddle for improved blood-flow. Other riders might be more comfortable on a saddle with a more traditional flat top. 

Bike Saddle Firmness

A harder saddle will tend to be more comfortable over longer distances and faster rides. A softer saddle might be best for shorter, more relaxed rides.

A note on super soft saddles: many people seeking the most comfortable saddle go for the biggest, thickest, most armchair-like saddle available. However, after pedalling for a while these features can actually mean a less comfortable saddle. The soft cushioning tends to immobilize your muscles and decrease blood flow to your rear end. Don’t be afraid to try a medium-firmness saddle that fits well. You may be surprised by how comfortable it feels!

Bike Seat Positioning

Bike saddles should typically be installed so the top is parallel to the ground although some riders may prefer the nose tilted up or down a few degrees to suit their shape.

At the end of the day, get a saddle that fits well, set it up correctly on your bike and you’ll never need to think about it again.

Bike Seat Height

Making sure you get the right height on your bike seat is important as it plays a role in your overall comfort while riding. The easiest way to calculate your ideal saddle height is based off your inseam. On average the seat height should be 109% of your inseam. Thus, just multiply your inseam by 1.09 and your know your correct bike saddle height.


-  Alexander Hender from Tenax Ride

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