6 cycling myths: busted

6 cycling myths: busted

There are dozens of assumptions and common myths about cycling. We set out to bust six - one or two may come in handy for quiz night and may help you out on the road/footpath too!

New bikes are too expensive

It’s easy to be intimidated when cyclists whiz past us on shiny carbon fibre road bikes, donning head-to-toe in lycra and the brightest lights money can buy. But the truth is that the beauty of bike riding is its simplicity. You don’t need to burst your budget to ride a bike, especially with Reid bikes starting as low as $329.

Cyclists can never use the footpath

For safety reasons, kids under 12 are allowed to cruise on the footpath, as are adult riders who are accompanying kids.

Cyclists can’t ride side by side

Think you can’t ride alongside a mate on the road? Wrong. Cyclists are allowed to ride two-abreast (but no more) as long as they’re not more than 1.5 metres apart.

Cyclists can run red lights

Although 40% of Australian cyclists have admitted to red light infringements, it’s never legal for us to run a red. However, many argue that the traffic lights don’t change for cyclists because they aren’t heavy enough to trigger the signal loops on roads.

Bike riding takes longer than driving or public transport

It might surprise you to know that bike riding is often faster than driving a car, particularly for shorter trips. There’s a real feeling of satisfaction as you ride past traffic in peak-hour gridlock. If you really want to race to work, combining bike riding and public transport is a very speedy option.

I can’t carry everything I need on my bike

The truth is, once you start riding a bike you might realise that you don’t actually need all of that clutter you’ve been carrying around. Once you’ve narrowed it down to the necessities, there are plenty of options. If you don’t like carrying a heavy backpack, a pannier bag on your rear rack will give you loads of room, while a front basket will fit your shopping and look great, too.

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