Kids Bike Size Guide

13 April, 2021

How to Choose the Correct Kids Bike Size


Nothing beats getting your first real bike as a child! Like adult bikes, it’s important to get the correct kids bike size so that your little rider is comfortable and confident on wheels.

Kids bikes are generally measured by the size of their wheels. This differs from adult bikes, which are generally measured by the size of their frame. This is because adult bikes get more specialised and need different wheels for different applications.

The key dimension for a kids bike is the diameter of the wheel. The chart below is a general guide to choosing the correct size bike for your child.


Kids Bike Size Chart Guide


Kids grow fast, but don’t be tempted into buying a kids bike too far ahead of their correct size. A kids bike that’s the right size will be easier to control, making learning and confidence building much easier.

Learn how to measure bike size for kids with our kids bike chart below. The following is a guide only. If in doubt, please visit one of our stores to test ride a bike. Different kids will be more comfortable on different bikes. It’s always worth a test ride when looking at what size bike is right for kids, and not relying on kids bike size by height.

Kids Bike Size Guide


Recommended Kids Bike Sizes By Wheel Size


Balance Kids Bikes - no pedals which is perfect for getting your real young ones started

12" Kids Bikes - the next step that includes training wheels

16" Kids Bikes - typically include training wheels to help get things started

20" Kids Bikes - generally the beginning of riding without training wheels

24" Kids Bikes - made for confidence inspiring control, great second bike!


Reid kids bikes also come equipped with adjustable handlebars, stems and saddles to get the fit just right and give bike adjustability as the child grows.


Other Factors to Consider when Choosing a Bike for Kids


Kids Bikes


Safety and Comfort

Small children find using rear coaster brakes the easiest way to stop, so we have added this safety feature to all of our 16” kid’s bikes in addition to the hand operated caliper brakes.

It’s also important that your little rider has a well-fitting helmet. An Australian Standards compliant helmet will provide real protection against the knocks and bumps that sometimes come with learning to ride. Check out the range of Reid Kid’s bike helmets.

Buying a Quality Kids Bike for Your Child

A good quality bike gives kids a great start into the world of riding. Reid kids bikes are built light for ease of handling and tough to withstand years of being left in the rain, taken over jumps and ridden through the muddiest of puddles.

Every Reid bike meets Australian standards and is also certified by SAI Global ‘5 tick’ for safety. No other Australian bike brand even comes close to this level of certification.

A Kids Bike Lifetime Warranty

We have a range of great value kids bikes, and as per every Reid Bike you'll get 12 months of free servicing, a lifetime warranty on frames & rigid forks, plus a 2 year warranty on parts. Check out the kids bikes here.


A Note on Riding on the Footpath

In all states of Australia, it’s legal for children under 12 years of age to ride on the footpath. It’s also legal for an adult to ride on the footpath if they are accompanying that child. Naturally, you are also required to ride in a manner that is respectful to other footpath users, so you should keep to the left unless overtaking, use hand signals and communicate clearly with other footpath users to reduce risk and keep everyone happy.

We hope our kids bike size guide has helped you in understanding what the right bike size match is for your little one. Check out our full range of kids bikes here!