Gift Cards & eGift Vouchers

Reid Cycles Gift Cards and eGift Vouchers are available to purchase and redeem both online and in all our stores.

If you are shopping in our stores, you can purchase a physical Gift Card. If you are shopping on our website, you can purchase an eGift Voucher and have it emailed to you.

Either of these can then be used as a method of payment in-store or online.


Q. What is the difference between a physical Gift Card and an eGift Voucher?

A Gift Card is a physical plastic card that the recipient can keep in their wallet.

An eGift Voucher is an email version of this that just has the code and PIN. This is ideal if you want to email the recipient with their gift rather than post it or hand it to them.

Q. Do I have to spend the full amount in one transaction?

Both these options have the same usage terms and can be used as a method of payment online or in our stores. The only differences are:

  • You can only purchase a physical Gift Card from our stores or by phoning Customer Service (03) 9314 9199
  • You can only purchase an eGift Voucher from our website
  • The eGift Voucher can be spent in increments and will retain the remaining value. Currently, the physical Gift Cards can only be spent once in their entirety. If you wish to spend only a partial amount of your physical Gift Card we can manually do this for you – either shop in our stores, or phone Customer Service on (03) 9314 9199 who can help with your online purchase.

Q. Can my Gift Card or eGift Voucher expire?

Both the physical Gift Card and eGift Voucher will be valid for 3 years from the date of purchase.

Q. How can I use the Gift Card or eGift Voucher as a form of payment on the website?

Shop on our site as normal. Add your item(s) to your Shopping Cart and proceed to Checkout as usual.

You will see a section in the Checkout at the top right of the page where you can enter any Promotional Codes or Gift Cards. Enter the details and click ‘Apply’.

Q. Can I add value to it?

No. Once the card or voucher has been created you can only use as a method of payment.

Q. What if I lose my Gift Card or eGift Voucher?

Please look after your card/voucher code. It is like cash in that if you lose it, someone else can spend it.

If the card/voucher has not been spent already, we can disable the code and create a new one for you. Contact Customer Service on (03) 9314 9199 or email

Q. I want to purchase a specific amount but your website has pre-set amounts. Can you help?

Yes. Please call Customer Service on (03) 9314 9199 who can process this transaction for you.

If you have any further questions about our physical Gift Cards or eGift Vouchers then please contact Customer Service on (03) 9314 9199 or email