11 reasons why you should ride a vintage bike fashionably

11 reasons why you should ride a vintage bike fashionably

If you’re anything like me, new to loving bikes, then it’ll come as a relief to let you know that riding nowadays definitely won’t damper your style. If tight lycra shorts are your thing, then kudos to you, but riding a bike doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice our style!

Still not convinced? Let me ease your concerns with 11 reasons why you should be riding your vintage bike with true fashion style.

  • Because the compliments will roll in and you’ll automatically be in a good mood.
  • Because when you’re pounding the coffees at your local coffee haunt with your posse, you’ll look stylish as anything for the Instagram photos.
  • Because when you get the disapproving look from drivers about how good you look, you just can’t help but smile on the inside.
  • Because who cares if you perspire a little? It’s authentic and organic.
  • Because you look like a lady.
  • Because fashion doesn’t mean one particular thing - you just have to look cute. You always look cute anyway.
  • Because there are two things on your mind; bikes and clothes.
  • Because there’s no easier way to lose a few extra pounds.
  • Because these vintage bikes are such good value, and that means more money for clothes.
  • Because there’s nothing more fashionable (and by fashionable, we actually mean just a neat thing we should all try doing) than saving the environment, and keeping carbon emissions down.
  • Because damnit, you always look good, and why should riding a bike change that. Go for a ride. Now. Beach, suburbs, laneways, wherever, because that’s the power of bikes.

    I’ve been riding my Reid Vintage Bike for about three months now and there’s not a day that goes by, when I ride my bike, that I don’t get compliments about just how damn good I look. Looking ever so chic has never been easier.

    Check out the Reid Ladies Vintage Bike range for yourself. You'll fall in love.


    Written by Frances Smith.
    littlemissexplorer.com @littlemissexplorer

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