5 reasons to ride a bike everywhere

6 January, 2021

We could give you 500 reasons to ride a bike and barely be scraping the surface, but to keep it simple we've chosen 5 of the best. So if you need a little more encouragement to get on a bike - or perhaps convince a friend - read on...

1. Get fit!

Do you spend most of Monday to Friday in a hunch at your desk? Don’t have time to hit the gym during the week? Chances are, things are starting to get soft (and not in a good, butter-on-toast kinda way)... Why not get your exercise fix by riding to and from work – in no time you’ll be feeling fitter, healthier and happier. Yep, those endorphins really do work wonders. Before you know it you’ll be looking for ways to show off those freshly toned glutes.

2. Save money

Have you tried parking your car in the city lately? Well, you can wave goodbye to $40. Even a quick trip out can set you back a cheeky fiver. That money’s better spent on good times. Don’t want to spend $40 a week on public transport? The answer is obvious, really. Sit your butt on your bike and pedal to your next destination. You’ll save on petrol, parking and transport costs, and you can spend all of that extra coin on awesome bike accessories.

3. Park with ease

Sneak past the squinty-eyed drivers circling the block like vultures in search of a car park. When you ride a bike everywhere, you can hitch yourself to any old post. Better yet, you can avoid the frustration of finding that dreaded parking ticket on the windscreen. Your stress levels will be approaching Zen in no time.

4. Take the scenic route

Before settling in for a day in front of your computer screen, treat your eyes to some time out by taking the scenic route to work. Ditch the highway and pedal past rivers, parks and beaches instead, sucking up that fresh, unpolluted air. There's no better way to start your day, and it really wakes you up and makes you feel alive!

5. Help the environment

Speaking of pollution, you’ll be doing your bit for the environment by riding instead of driving. Staggering figures show that Australia’s carbon dioxide emissions are more than four times the world average, so channel Captain Planet and stick to cycling. Every little bit counts, so help off-set your carbon footprint with some pedal power.

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