5 reasons why the Vintage 7-Speed Lite is perfect for picnic adventures!

5 reasons why the Vintage 7-Speed Lite is perfect for picnic adventures!

I had just collected my Reid Vintage 7-Speed Lite and couldn't wait to get out exploring with my friend Hayley. We planned a day for the adventure but when the weekend came around, it looked like the weather gods weren't on our side, until the rain stopped and the sun burst through the cloud! Not wanting to miss a minute of the sunny afternoon, we packed a healthy picnic, jumped on our bikes and set off for the NSW coast.

On route to our picnic spot we were riding through wide open grassland, rolling farmland filled with curious cows and alongside side the ever beautiful NSW coastline.

After hours of exploring the hilly coastline we found a nice spot to park up and enjoy our picnic. The basket was packed full of delicious dragon fruit, figs, passion fruit, kiwifruit and cherries - all the essentials to re-energise. It's great being able to pull the cane basket out of the wire frame!

After our picturesque food stop we decided it was time to head home, and as it turns out the weather gods were on our side as we had a beautiful sunset to look out to. It was so perfect, and an adventure I will never forget.

So why is the Vintage 7-Speed Lite the perfect picnic partner? Well, I have 5 reasons for you!

  • The Look – Vintage bikes have so much character and are incredibly photogenic, it’s very hard to take a bad photo of such a pretty looking bike. The bike comes in a wide range of beautiful colours, my favourite being the baby blue because it matches the coastal environment that I live in.
  • The Gears – Having gears is essential for riding around my area, as we havelots of hills. Without them I would have been pushing the bike around for half of our adventure. The twist grip shifter is a nice touch and I prefer this to the thumb shifters on other models.
  • The Design – The step through frame makes it easy to jump on and off when you want to rest, check out the views, stop for a picnic or in our case…pat cows. I love the style of the handle bars, they are swept-back which helps to keep a nice upright posture, forget about straining your shoulders, neck or back again! The tan seat looks nice and is soft and comfortable - you will never have a sore bottom, even after a full day of adventuring!
  • The Basket Kit – The basket kit is an essential addition if you're taking this bike on an adventure. Ditch your heavy/sweaty backpack and pack all the essentials into the cane basket.
  • The Cane Basket – This can be taken out of the wire frame, which is great when it's picnic time. Place it on your picnic rug and you're good to go!


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Words and by Stella Crick. Instagram:@stellacrick | Website: stellacrick.22slides.com
Bicycle buddy – Hayley Shaw McGuinness. Instagram: @hayles_adventures


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