Baby on board: cycling with kids

11 February, 2020

A lot changes when you have kids. Suddenly, the whole house is baby-proofed and safety comes first. But that doesn’t mean you have to put down the bike. These tips will have you riding with a very safe (and happy) co-pilot.


A common question asked, is: at what age is it safe to put a baby on a bike? We'd recommend no younger than 9 months, however what’s more important than age, is your baby’s development. Wait until the bub can sit up on their own – including with a little helmet on their head – before they start riding with you.


Once they’re able to hold themselves upright, baby bike seats can be easily attached to the back or front of your bike. The Polisport Baby Seat provides a safe and snug design that secures your precious cargo, and it's easy to grab an extra bracket so you can easily switch between bikes (we’re all about co-parenting).

In case you're wondering, yes this DOES mount to Reid's Ladies Vintage bikes ;)


There are loads of protected bicycle paths in Australia - these are you safest option, and perfect for building your confidence. Once you graduate from the paths however, we'd recommend you stick to roads with lower speed limits, and bike lanes where possible.

Teaching kids to ride themselves

Once everything is going smoothly, you might be disappointed to notice that your co-pilot is quickly out-growing their baby seat. Learning to ride a bike is a rite of passage that we all remember with fondness and frustration, and patience is key.

Before you start, teach them how to stop. Show your child how to do this while walking beside the bike, learning how to pull in the brakes and how they respond. After that it’s up to you. Some schools of thought don’t recommend training wheels, as they teach kids that they don’t need to balance when sitting on a bike. Others stress the importance of training wheels for building confidence.

Grab a helmet, head to the backyard or a local park, and good luck!

Before you hit the road, check out our range of kids' bikes and gear that could improve your cycling experience, or chat to the friendly team at Reid Cycles.