Bikepacking: A guide for beginners getting started

Bikepacking: A guide for beginners getting started

Adventures in the Victorian High Country

Reid Cycles recently sent two newbie bikepackers up into the Victorian High Country for two very different weekends of riding.

Bikepacking can be anything from a warm, sunny ride where you eat at restaurants and stay in a hotel; all the way up to a battle with the elements where you need to carry everything you might need through a very challenging environment.

If the idea of you and a mate getting on your bikes and heading into the wilderness sounds like fun, then follow their adventures below and read on for tips and guides to help plan your own bikepacking trip.


Around Bright Gravel Backpacking

With the booming popularity of gravel bikes, more riders have the tools and interest to push the boundaries of where they ride.

This ride from Wangaratta to Bright was a perfect introduction to bikepacking with minimal gear required, and no shortage of tasty treats to keep the legs moving.

Our riders Mel and Sally did some route planning and caught the train to Wangaratta and hit the rail trail for a long weekend ride to Bright (80km away).

Adventures like this are about the surprises along the way, so our riders detoured through Milawa to Myrtleford (staying first night) and Mount Buffalo for the view before arriving in Bright to spend the second night. Sunday was a relaxed ride back to Wangaratta station to head home.

Visit Bright has some great resources and route maps for gravel bike rides like this one.



Falls Creek Gravel Bikepacking

For this more challenging ride, our duo took a mix of climbs and fast descents, aqueduct trails and bumpy fire roads through some of the most breathtaking alpine scenery in Australia.

Be aware that gravel riding in mountain areas takes some serious planning as the weather can turn nasty very fast. Accommodation and food options are very limited too and you will need to take your own supplies and equipment. Never head off alone and make sure all riders are self-sufficient for the planned duration. Let someone at home know the plan and don’t forget the following kit:

  • Tools, pump and spare tubes.
  • Appropriate clothing for all conditions.
  • Adequate food and water.
  • Fully charged mobile phone and backup power source.
  • First aid kit.

 The Falls Creek website is a great resource with guides and trail routes for a variety of gravel bike rides.



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