Christmas Bike Buying Guide

Christmas Bike Buying Guide

Reid Cycles have you covered with our guide to choosing the perfect bicycle for under $500.

Can you believe it is nearly Christmas? The year has passed so quickly and has been different from what any of us expected. But now we're all thinking about Christmas gifts and there is no doubt that the hottest gift for 2021 is a bicycle!

With all the talk around bike shops running out of stock already, many people are asking "Am I going to be able to get a bike for Christmas this year?"

Well, Reid Cycles are happy to announce that we have plenty of stock for the upcoming holiday season. They are selling fast though so the advice is to plan early this year if you want to be set for the big day.

So that leaves us with the question - which bike to choose?

Well, we have a whole range of bikes under $500 in different styles, colours, and sizes so whether it's a gift for a loved one or a cheeky present for yourself we've got you covered.


Here at Reid, we love a stylish Vintage bike! They make a great choice for someone who just wants the simple pleasures a bike can bring. Whether it's for city cruising or beach hopping, our Vintage bikes are the perfect companion.

Vintage bikes embody freedom, convenience and style. It's no wonder they’re our bestsellers with 15+ colours to choose from and great accessories like Front and Rear Baskets so you'll be able to customise your perfect look!

Check out our full range of Vintage Bikes here.


Our Hybrid Bikes are the perfect option for people who want versatility - from a commute to work, to weekend bike riding adventures. The Hybrid Commuter bike is designed for control, speed and comfort so you can fly through the urban landscape with ease. Reid have a great range of entry-level hybrid bikes starting at under $500.

Check out our full Hybrid Commuter Bike range here.


If you need an alternative to the gym or a fun way to get outdoors on the weekends, our range of Road Bikes is perfect for you. Road Bikes are the peak of speed and efficiency with a lightweight frame, 700c wheels (larger wheel size) and slim high-pressure tyres. Reid has a wide range of Road bikes under $500 including WSD (Women Specific Design) to get you into road riding without breaking the bank.

Check out our full Road Bike range here.


Built to handle a wide range of terrain from groomed trails to rugged singletrack, our MTB range of bikes will get you out amongst it. Made with a strong frame, wide range of gears, knobbly tyres for off-road grip and powerful brakes, our range of Mountain bikes under $500 are the perfect gift for those looking for adventure.

Check out our full range of Mountain Bikes here.

Need a bike under $500? Check out our full range of affordable bikes here.

Happy Riding,

The Reid Cycles Team

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