Fat biking in Greenland with Kate Leeming

Fat biking in Greenland with Kate Leeming

She's one of the most adventurous cyclists out there - Kate Leeming is always up for a challenge. And nothing says challenge like cycling across Antarctica. To date she's cycled through 13,000kms of Siberia, ridden 25,000 kms across Australia and journeyed 22,000kms over 10 months in Africa. Well-traveled, Leeming raises awareness for sustainable socio-economic development.

Training for Antarctica

To train for her next epic adventure through the South Pole, Leeming traversed 400km in Greenland. Snow cycling is no mean feat and you'd need a pretty serious fat bike to tackle this type of terrain.

Check out the Leeming tackle to slopes of Greenland below. This is the teaser for her upcoming documentary with Swisse filmmaker, Claudio von Planta.

As a seasoned cycling pro, Leeming rides a purpose-built, epic custom rig that is probably well outside the average persons's budget. So unless your taking a 3 month journey across Antarctica any time soon, you can have just as much fun on a quality, affordable Reid Fat Bike.


Fat Biking in the Snow

If you're keen to give snow cycling a go, check out our range of adventure-ready Fat Bikes. Built with solid geometry and equipped with over-sized tyres, there's no limit where your adventurous spirit can take you when you're on a fat bike.

You can find out more about training for the Antarctic journey on Kate Leeming's website.

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