Finance Ebike Options

Finance Ebike Options


Ebikes make riding easy for everyone. Travel faster, for longer and with bigger loads. Carry the kids or the shopping and leave the car at home. 

Cars and public transport are expensive

Now that you no longer need to get a full-on workout every time you just want to commute to work, you’ll be more likely to use an ebike. For this reason, electric bikes are now replacing cars and public transport in many people’s daily lives.

Electric bikes give you an easy individual transport option without the traffic jams, parking fees and headaches, car insurance and registration, and climbing fuel prices of running a car.

Ride your electric bike and there are significant weekly savings to be made. With diligence, these savings can easily pay for one of our electric bikes.

Consider the price of petrol

According to the NRMA, the average Australian family spent $3,963 on fuel a year in 2019 - and fuel prices have gone up 58% since then! And you can forget about the other running costs of owning a car which blow this figure out even more.

Dropping the kids at school, quick trips to the shop, visiting friends locally on the weekend - these can all be done faster, cheaper and easier by electric bike.

Given this assumption, you can see how easy it would be to reduce weekly car usage by half. This is a potential conservative saving of $2,000 a year on petrol alone.

So, an electric bike now seems cheap in comparison. What are your options to buy one?

Buy an electric bike or use finance

When buying an electric bike from Reid Cycles, you can pay now or use our preferred finance option - Zip. This will allow you to choose your terms up to 12 months interest free for ebikes and accessories up to the value of $5,000.

Hire or rent an electric bike

Some businesses allow you to rent or hire ebikes. Our range of electric bikes are already so affordable and with the flexible finance options available, you can set it up so you’re paying the same as a hire scheme - but instead you’ll own the bike outright in months.

Electric bikes also hold their resale value well, so we advise customers to purchase as a better option. Please speak to Customer Support or one of our stores for a free quote.

Saving the planet

Perhaps the most important saving of all! Riding an electric bike only emits 2-5 grams of CO2 per kilometre - your car emits around 150g.

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