Fix Appeal

Fix Appeal

There’s a lot of reasons to love singlespeed and fixed gear bikes. They’re simple, robust and efficient. They’re typically cheaper to buy, and easier to maintain. However, we know the real reason that fixies and singlespeeds are popular; they’re hot, and you look good riding them. The pictures speak for themselves.

Fixies are simple, stylish and low maintenance. Without the clutter of gears or derailleurs, the bike is streamlined and smooth. Fewer cables and sprockets mean that nothing detracts from the clean, straight lines of the bike. It’s the perfect platform for showcasing your style. 

The next level of fixie style is the endless customisation available. Something as simple as a spoke card adds personality. Spoke cards were originally used as a way of identifying the riders in the quasi-legal alleycat races run by bike couriers on public roads, but they’ve evolved to carry messages, memorials, artwork and even political slogans.

Going a step further, a custom spec'd bike like the Reid Harrier allows you to choose colours and components for an unique ride. With hundreds of thousands of combinations available, your singlespeed can be one of a kind. You can keep it simple, subtle and stealthy or go wild with colour combination. Either way, you’ll be looking good.

Reid Cycles has a range of singlespeed and fixies, so embrace style while you cycle.

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