International REID Rider of the Month June

International REID Rider of the Month June

Melissa Parsons (@melmaryparsons13) is our International REID Rider of the Month for June!

Melissa our first International REID Rider of the Month from Canada has won for June on her Ladies Classic! We caught up with Melissa, who won our Canada launch competition to win her bike back in February...

Introduce yourself... (A bit about yourself, where you're from etc)

I’m a bubbly, positive, 30 year old gal whom works as a Portfolio Administrator for this super awesome company, Melcor Developments in Edmonton, Alberta. I love my job, friends, family, animals, and more recently my REID bike. I’m super easy going and normally always wearing a smile.

When and how did you get into bike riding?

I started casually biking in summer 2017, but, it wasn’t until this year that I really fell in love with biking. I WON my REID bike and now it’s part of my everyday routine. I bike to and from work, I bike with my dog every evening, and if I need to go anywhere I no longer use my car.

So you first saw us at the Calgary Bike Show, what were your first impressions? 

The Ladies Classic was calling my name. I was in love at first sight.

So you decided to enter our Canada Launch Competition to win a REID Ladies Classic and you won! How did it feel to win?

It was amazing. I was actually sitting at my desk at work and hopped out of my seat screaming, “ I WON”, to my colleagues. I normally never win anything so to win something soooooo awesome was a really good feeling. Thanks again!

And what do you make of your Ladies Classic Prize and how has it treated you? 

The bike has been everything I expected and more. It’s a super comfy ride, smooth on the road, and fits my personality perfectly. I love my REID bike.

What and where have you been with it?

Unfortunately, I haven’t travelled very far with my bike YET. I live in Canada, where it was -30 until May, so my adventures are only just beginning. Stay tuned:)

Do you have any other future adventures planned?

I’m planning on doing a trip to British Columbia this summer and plan on bringing my bike along for the adventure.

Finally, what advice would you give to those who have never been on a biking adventure or even a bike?

My advice would be to get out and enjoy nature! I started biking at 29 years old, it’s never too late to get a new hobby.

Loving the Ladies Classic? Take a look in more detail here

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