Meet Paul - Around the Bay Challenge 2016

Meet Paul - Around the Bay Challenge 2016

At Reid Cycles, we love a good challenge and we love inspiring people to do something they never thought they could. From hundreds of applicants we chose three inspiring riders to lead Team Reid on the Around the Bay Challenge 2016.

As Melbourne's most iconic ride with a distance for everyone, Around the Bay is a great way for anyone and everyone to get fit, cycle more or even just challenge themselves.

Our Team Leader for the 250km distance is Paul. He's excited to step-up from last years 210km to the full 250km, but nervous at the same time! Find out more about Paul and follow his journey Around the Bay.

To get him to the finish line in the quickest time possible, Paul will be riding our carbon road bike the Vantage Comp 1.0. If you're keen to take on the 250km too, check out our range of road bikes to get you started.

Tell us a bit about yourself...

 I am from South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, bayside Edithvale (lucky - good access to Beach Rd riding). I am the State Operations Manager for a fibre optics networking company

How would you describe your current fitness level? What are your current views on leading a fit and healthy lifestyle?

My current level of fitness is just below average. With a busy and stressful job I have let my activity levels drop but realise it needs to be the opposite. Better exercise and diet are a goal, to help with work and home - I have 3 kids to keep up with!

What is your cycling experience? What’s the furthest distance you've ever cycled?

I got myself a mountain bike ten years ago but never really got out on it. I started road riding 18 months ago after seeing how much my son enjoyed cycling. The longest distance I’ve ridden is 210km - in last year’s Around the Bay.

What do you hope to achieve by completing Melbourne’s most iconic ride? Why did you decide to take on this challenge?

I am hoping to get a feeling of satisfaction by doing something I’ve never done before. I was looking for something to aim for to motivate me to get back out on the bike. It’s too easy to not go cycling with nothing to aim for - bad weather, too tired.

Cycling has already changed my lifestyle. I have taken up commuting to work by bike and have been more consciously watching what I eat. I am really hoping to keep these good habits and to not lose momentum post-event this year.

What are you most excited about when it comes to the Around the Bay Challenge 2016? What are your biggest fears?

I am most excited about the challenge - one minute it’s “Cool - 250km in one day” and next minute it’s “uh oh - 250km in one day!” My biggest fear is not being ready in time.

Why should people get involved in Around the Bay and join the Team Reid for your distance?

People should get involved to challenge themselves - there is really something that focuses the mind when you say to yourself “I am going to do a full lap around Port Phillip Bay” and give you something to aim for. Plus I would really like some company and support on the day! And helping raise some money for Smith family means someone else benefits too.

Inspired? Want to get involved but don't know where to start? Check out our Around the Bay Challenge 2016.


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