Michelle Ong: A date with the Vintage Deluxe

Michelle Ong: A date with the Vintage Deluxe

While cycling may not be her forte Michelle Ong was thrilled to take her Reid Vintage Bike out for a day at Sorrento. Living in Melbourne, Michelle has always wanted to take up cycling and this was the perfect opportunity.

Statement Stylin'

While riding in circles on the pier to gain confidence may have caused many a passer-by to stare, Michelle did not care as she pedaled to perfection on her stylish new ride. The Vintage Deluxe in Coffee is certainly something to stare at. With a stunning gloss finish and Dutch-inspired frame, the Deluxe makes a statement.

Michelle's personal style is perfectly suited to the Vintage Deluxe. The internal 3-Speed hub means all the gearing and chain is covered, allowing endless options to make a sartorial statement. Michelle opted for opulent red flowing layers that aren't at risk of getting dirty while riding with chain and gears neatly tucked away.

The Vintage Deluxe is an easy-rider, super comfy and heaps of fun. Shop the Vintage Deluxe

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