MimaMochi - Ladies Vintage Classic Plus Review

MimaMochi - Ladies Vintage Classic Plus Review

The fabulous Adrianna at MimaMochi has featured a write up of the Ladies Vintage Classic Plus on her blog!


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" It has always been a dream of mine to own a vintage pink bicycle. Please don’t laugh when I share this but I actually have a whole daydream sequence made up in my head. It involves cruising around a beautiful old town lined with the most Instagram worthy heritage buildings you’ve ever seen. Then as I’m riding at a leisurely pace taking in all the lovely sights, I spy a florist with the most exquisite pink and purple bouquets on display. Nothing lures me in like flowers – especially if they're pink. It's like I'm a bee and I just can't resist! I immediately dismount my bicycle and park it by the door of the shop. What I see before my eyes looks so beautiful that I feel compelled to take a few photos. Then I enter the store and extensively browse their incredible range and wonder whether I should take a bouquet home with me. Of course after much oohing and aahing I give in and justify buying a floral arrangement. My wicker bicycle basket is looking kind of empty and no vintage bicycle daydream is complete without flowers. As the florist is chatting away with me and wrapping my floral arrangement in some very pretty looking paper, she mentions that I should check out Proserpina bakery down the road. Instantly I imagine how Parisienne it would be to place a couple of loaves of freshly baked French baguettes into my bicycle basket so I decide to make my way over.

The bakery is just about the most beautiful place in the entire town. Rated 4.5 on several foodie sites, I know I'm in for a special treat. I park my bike by the white wooden entrance, which is crafted from recycled stable doors. The pink bicycle really stands out against the impressive backdrop so I make a mental note to do a photo shoot at golden hour after I’ve eaten and bought some baguettes as props. As I enter the store, I'm greeted by the tantalizing aroma of rustic home cooking and my tummy starts rumbling. The bakery sits amidst a vibrant community garden and the food is made with the freshest local ingredients. Delicious aromas of the quality baked goods on display waft through the air. As for the interior, this location is a sun-drenched sanctuary with floor to ceiling windows and antique decor. As I sit to enjoy my homemade mushroom soup with freshly warmed bread, I become lost in the beautiful moment. I savour my food and eat so slowly that by the time I'm done eating the place is closing! Being immersed in such a peaceful experience relieves me of my stresses and about buying a baguette. However the photo shoot goes well without it. Thanks to Reid Cycles, my daydream about owning a vintage pink bicycle came true. You can view the photos below outside Proserpina Bakery featuring my new “Vintage Ladies Classic Plus Bicycle”.

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As I mentioned above, I have always wanted to buy a vintage bicycle in pink. However, the two things that stopped me were the expensive prices and not being sure of which retailer to trust. I am not a knowledgeable person when it comes to buying bicycles (or any other outdoor gadget for that matter) so I have been sitting on making a purchase since the start of the year. When I had the opportunity to collaborate with Reid Cycles, I was introduced to their store and range and wish I had known about them earlier!"

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