Mongol Rally: A rocky start for Team Roam

Mongol Rally: A rocky start for Team Roam

A rocky start is an understatement

It wouldn’t be the Mongol Rally without a few spills to start out with. The team from the Roam Project taking on the Rally for Cool Earth are finally on their way - though we’re hoping there are more thrills and less spills coming up soon…

Adventure by bike

When they say the Mongol Rally is an adventure it really doesn’t surmise the true spirit of the Rally. It takes you back to the root of your instincts, requires you to trust your gut and exposes you to the most incredible and most intimidating experiences on offer across Europe, the Middle East, Asia and wherever you choose to travel - or accidentally end up.

At Reid we revel in this sense of adventure, the freedom to roam where you please, and we believe the best way to experience the world is on two-wheels. More wheels might get you there quicker, might get you there drier, might get you there safer, but it won’t always let you truly experience the world.

We’ve given the Roam Project a Reid SSCX, a bike as suited to commuting as it is to adventure. This will allow them to get up close and personal with the world around them. Where their car cannot take them, the SSCX will step-up to the challenge and give them an opportunity to find and experience more, to meet incredible people and to share the joy of cycling.

Finding the car

There are very few rules in the Mongol Rally (there’s not even a set route), but there ARE some very “strict” rules around what kind of car you can take. This sets some serious limitations when searching for your trusty steed.

  • No larger than 1.2L
  • Older than 20 years
  • Or something so left of field it can break all the non-rules - like a 1940s German milk truck

This proved to be quite a difficult task in the used car yards of Berlin, Germany. Luckily the boys had a trust-ier steed to get them around in the meantime - the Reid SSCX. A super slick city commuter, but tough enough to tackle cobbles and dirt track alike - the SSCX will prove to be an invaluable companion on their journey.

The team eventually settled on a charming 1997 1.2L Toyota Corolla, appropriately customised in Dazzle Camo. And they were ready for the Mongol Rally - or so they thought...

Registering a car in Berlin

With a few unexpected bumps in the road, chiefly the perils of Berlin Auto Registration and an unexpected birth, the team were not as ready as they thought and unfortunately didn’t make it to London for the Mongol Rally’s opening ceremony. Instead they met up with the rest of the Rally in Heidelberg, Germany.

Well on their way

They’ve already captured some incredible moments on the Rally so far. To date they’ve been through Germany, Romania, Istanbul and are currently somewhere in Bulgaria - presumably lost, but hopefully having an awesome time.

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