3 reasons to get riding on an eScooter today!

3 reasons to get riding on an eScooter today!

Electric scooters are taking over major cities all over the world, and it's easy to see why! Convenient, environmentally friendly and a whole lot of fun to ride.

Have you been thinking of switching to an eScooter for a while now? Or is this the first time you are hearing about them? Either way, here are our top 3 reasons why we love our E4 Plus eScooters (and why you will too)!

Super Convenient

If you are looking for a convenient transport option, then our E4 Plus ticks all the boxes! Weighing less than 15kgs, and its simple to use folding mechanism makes it easy to carry and store out of the way.

Although eScooters can't go as fast as a car, they can still often get you from A to B quicker than a car can. Rather than getting stuck behind other cars on our busy urban roads, you can beat the traffic by taking alternate routes on your eScooter.

Check out the race footage below where our UK team put our E4 Plus to the test against a Lamborghini and Parkour Athlete

Environmentally Friendly

Similar to eBikes, switching to an electric transport option like an eScooter is a great way to do your bit for the environment. It helps to cut down greenhouse gas emissions and reduce noise pollution and traffic congestion. Plus, when you choose to #ridereid, we plant a tree for every bike/scooter sold!

Fun to Ride

Aside from the functional aspects that make the eScooter a great option, we can't forget about one of its major perks; it's a whole lot of fun! Our E4 Plus goes up to 25kph and have a powerful 350W motor. Zipping around, breathing in the fresh air, whilst not even having to put in a whole lot of effort makes for a great ride! Plus, the large 10" wheels on the E4 Plus makes it super easy to roll over bumps and rough surfaces - making it even smoother.

So what are you waiting for? Get riding on a Reid eScooter today.

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