REID International Rider of the Month - April

REID International Rider of the Month - April

Pax (@gluteuspaximus @sticksxstonesnz) is our REID Rider of the Month for April!

Pax has become our International REID Rider of the month for April on her Granite 1.0! She caught our eye on her Instagram using our hashtag #reidcycles after posting a few photos of her recovering from surgery on our Granite 1.0! We caught up with Pax to find out a little bit more...

Introduce yourself... 

Kiaora, Pax here from New Zealand. If I'm not working on my business (Sticks X Stones) and helping my clients achieve greatness you can find me adventuring through mother nature, climbing mountains and chasing waterfalls. Apart from the wild, I spend much of my time in the gym, running around, boxing and throwing heavy things around. And, I'll never say no to a cup of freshly brewed chai.

What is Sticks X Stones NZ?

Sticks X Stones is a health and fitness company that focuses on getting the people in our community active to have a positive effect on both their physical and psychological well-being.

So when and how did you get into bike riding?

Apart from the odd cruise on my bmx I wouldn't really call myself a cyclist. That was till July 2017 when I ruptured my anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), one of the ligaments in the knee. My sports specialist advised me to jump on an exercise bike for 30 minutes a day to maintain as much strength in my knee as possible prior to surgery. "The stronger you are going in to surgery the easier your recovery will be." But, the thought of driving to a gym to sit on a bike didn't quite make sense to me. So, off I went to find my 'Road to Recovery" bike! I began riding into work a couple times a week to supplement other strength work for my knee getting it ready to be sliced open on Thursday 18 January 2018.

So what made you choose the Granite 1.0?

I searched high and low for the perfect bike. It had to be the ultimate balance between functional, affordable and most importantly it had to look cool! After weeks of searching and taking other bikes out for trial rides I finally found the bike for me.

We saw on your Instagram that you had surgery on your knee, if you don't mind us asking, what happened?

Every month Sticks X Stones organises an event to place you outside of your comfort zone and try something new. July's event was Jiu Jitsu. Over a 2 hour session we learnt how to arm bar and flip people over. It was great.  Until the final 5 minutes of our session we were told to "go live," which basically meant pretend you're in a real fight. Long story short I got flipped, bent the wrong way, my knee popped and the rest is history.

And how has the Granite 1.0 helped in your road to recovery?

My Granite 1.0 has helped my maintain strength and endurance in my injured leg prior to surgery. Since surgery in January I've been using my Granite 1.0 to get my fitness back up gradually using it at home on a wind turner until I can build the confidence and stamina to start riding outdoors again.


What and where have you been with it?

We've been on a few adventures together. Exploring some of Auckland's new bike paths. But most importantly my bikes taken me to and from work a couple times a week making me feel like an eco-friendly warrior by minimizing my carbon footprint while keeping me fit and active.

And how have you found the Granite 1.0

My bike has been great, super easy to ride and compact enough to take the front wheel off and fit into my tiny car if I need to take it anywhere!

Do you have any future adventures planned?

We have just come back from our monthly Second Sundays event where we explored a section of Hauraki Rail Trail, one of The New Zealand Great Cycle Trails. This was my first bike ride outdoors since surgery and was absolutely stunning. The ride ran through a gorge, crossed swing bridges and a stop at some waterfalls for some bombs before heading home. Will definitely have to plan some more adventures on the bike in the near future!


Finally, what advice would you give to those who have never been on a biking adventure or even a bike?

If you're thinking about getting a bike, do it! It's such a great way to explore your very own backyard, while keeping fit and getting some fresh air! All the things that are good for your physical and mental health!

Granite 1.0


Built for weekend adventures or the dirtiest of commutes.

Got a story to tell, want to be our International REID Rider of the month for May? Let us know by sending us an email, or simply #reidcycles on Instagram for your chance to be featured.

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