Reid Osprey Review

Reid Osprey Review

As it turns out, buying the Reid Osprey was a fantastic decision. It has now taken me the equivalent distance of one and half times around Australia, and three years later is still going strong. From the 1st km to the 25,001st km, riding the Osprey has always brought a smile to my face and I can't rate this bike highly enough.

This bike has been my main source of transportation and by enjoying the experience so much, has been played its part in inspiring me to take cycling further. Starting with the humble Sunday social rides, building up to solo adventure rides, participation in numerous sprint triathlons, through to the iconic Sydney Olympic distance triathlon and most recently the Husky long course triathlon and epic one-day cyclo-sportives.

The main assumption made of bikes under $500 is that they can be a little weighty, but the Reid Osprey's frame weighs only 2kg and has a comfortable geometry. The aluminium frame won’t flex or bend as some carbon frames can, so everything you put in will push you forward - and is sturdy enough to stand up to everyday wear and tear. The carbon front forks soften the ride and keep that weight down at just over a half a kilo.

The Reid Osprey is kitted out with a combination of a Shimano and Prowheel drivetrain, Tektro brakes, Alex Rims wheels, Velo saddle with a Zoom stem and seatpost. Sixteen gears are provided by the basic, but reliable Shimano 2300 rear derailleur and the double Prowheel chainring which is more than enough for most situations you'll find yourself in. From day one the gear shifting has always been precise and requires little or no tuning to keep it true. The Tektro brakes are very similar to the equivalent Shimano model (such as Sora) and clench and release quickly providing dependable stopping power when required. The Alex Rims are a great compliment to the rest of the bike, a consistent feature on many other branded bikes retailing for $600 and above. These wheels are resilient to pot-holes, speed-bumps and all other kinds of obstacles you’ll encounter, and with care will stand the test of time.

Reid’s middle of the range road bike is a sturdy and reliable workhorse. A bike which isn’t going to break the bank, capable of handling the daily commute and could also be the springboard into triathlon's or cyclosportives. I have a deep affection for my Reid Osprey for getting me into cycling and despite recently upgrading to the Reid Falco, I can’t let my Osprey go. Now accessorised with mudguards and colour coded to perfection, still going strong and raking up the kms.

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