Revolutionise Your Commute with the Reid Cycles KADe eCargo Bike

At Reid Cycles, we are thrilled to introduce our latest addition to the e-cargo bike market - the Reid KADe. This Australian outfit packs a punch with impressive rain-to-total carrying capacity of up to 200 kilos, making it one of the most capable and versatile e-cargo bikes on the market.

The Reid KADe is designed to make your life easier and more eco-friendly by replacing short car trips with a more sustainable and convenient option. Our e-cargo bike is perfect for those quick five to ten kilometer round trips, whether it's a supermarket run or a visit to a friend's house. With its impressive capacity, you can carry just about anything you need with ease.

We take pride in creating a fuss-free riding experience for our customers. The Shimano component shifters ensure smooth gear transitions, while the hydraulic brakes do an excellent job of slowing down the bike. The wide volume tires absorb any bumps and potholes you may encounter, making for a comfortable ride.

The Reid KADe is powered by a mid-mount pedalac drive unit from Inanda, delivering up to 250 watts of power in line with local regulations, and 100 newton meters of torque. This impressive setup makes it easy to navigate hills and steep inclines without breaking a sweat.

We understand that an e-cargo bike can be quite heavy, which is why we've made sure the Reid KADe is as lightweight as possible. Weighing in at over 30 kilos and just over two meters long, it's still easy to maneuver, and you won't even notice the weight with the electric assistance.

The Reid KADe comes with an integrated lighting system, both front and rear, that automatically come on when it gets dark. You can also choose to add a padded seat for the rear rack or a child seat, making it perfect for families or those with a lot to carry.

In conclusion, the Reid KADe takes all the boxes for the modern-day commuter or family looking for a reliable and efficient mode of transport. We're proud to offer our customers a cost-effective and eco-friendly option that will make their lives easier and more sustainable. Choose the Reid KADe and make every trip an adventure.

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