The Top 50 Bike-Friendly Cafes in Australia

The Top 50 Bike-Friendly Cafes in Australia



Photo: Ride On, Rapha Cycle Club Sydney.

Everyone has a favourite coffee spot/stop, however some are certainly more bike-friendly than others. If you're itching to know which cafes are considered (by cyclists) to be the top bike-friendly cafes in your state,  and if your favourite makes the cut, you'll be happy to know that there is a list! Thanks to an article by Margot McGoven for Ride On magazine, we can enlighten you...

Below we have published the Top 50 list, however for a full rundown on judging criteria, a description of each cafe, address details and a more comprehensive list of bike-friendly cafes,  please visit the article on Ride On magazine.

New South Wales

  • The Hub
  • Paddington Grind
  • Peloton Espresso Bar
  • Pie in the Sky
  • Rapha Cycle Club


  • Blackbutt Bakery
  • Cactus Espresso Bar
  • Cankstar Bespoke Cyclery
  • Espresso Garage
  • Jetty Café
  • Juliette’s
  • My Sweetopia

South Australia

  • Argo
  • Coffee Branch
  • Cudlee Café
  • La Musette, Siphon Coffee Bar
  • Red Berry Espresso
  • Watermark Coffee Station


  • Aromas Café
  • Crusty’s Bakery
  • The Picnic Basket
  • Renaissance Café


  • Allpress Espresso
  • Boneshaker Espresso
  • Bright Velo
  • Brown Cow
  • Café Racer
  • Cog Bike Café
  • The Corner Store
  • Friars Café
  • Gauge Espresso
  • The Great Provider
  • Kanteen
  • Mad Cowes Café and Food Store
  • Madeline’s at Jells
  • Market Lane Coffee
  • Olinda Café and Produce Store
  • The Pickled Sisters Café
  • The Pint of Milk
  • St Ali North
  • Seven seeds
  • Tour de Café
  • Yarra Edge Nursery Café

Western Australia

  • Bada Bing
  • Cranked
  • Dome, Busselton
  • La Tropicana Café
  • Tasty Express

Australian Capital Territory

  • Two before Ten

Northern Territory

  • Café Central

For more information about what questions were asked please visit the Ride On article here.


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