Two wheels for everybody!

Two wheels for everybody!

Much like phones are no longer used only to make calls and glasses are not only worn by people with vision impairments (yes hipsters I’m talking about you), the trends of the cycling world are also changing and the road residents are changing with it. No longer are paths and bicycle lanes the sole preserve of the lycra-clad speed demon. It seems everybody now is discovering the benefits of a two-wheeled commute or a joyous pedal around town, getting in some ‘me time’ while rising above traffic headaches and escalating petrol costs.


With bikes numbering just over a billion worldwide (twice as many as cars) it would only be natural that as bike functionality and design diversifies so does the modern rider. Many have swapped fluoro jerseys for casual attire, high spec racing groupsets for simple singlespeed rigs, and the strictly business look of a road commuter for slick, vibrant colours of their choice - brightening up the roads and the lives of all those around them simultaneously! Yes, the contemporary cyclist can be one of style and diversity. The current trend in inexpensive, customisable singlespeed/fixie bikes suits this approach - you may have seen these colourful creations speeding down a bicycle lane, meandering along a footpath, or resting alongside an inner city eatery, owner by side with cider in hand. It’s an any day, anywhere, anyone kind of bike - much like its female friendly counterpart the Ladies Vintage bike.


Leaning on more boutique shop corners and beach side café’s than you can count, the classic Ladies Vintage style bike brings a whole new element of riding to city and suburban streets. Envisage flowing maxi skirts, wide brim hats and front baskets adorned with fresh baked goods or famer’s market flowers and what you have is one of the most sought after “must haves” right now.  Reminiscent of 19th century bike designs, the “Dutch Classic” style embraces the developments of a modern bike in a traditional and sophisticated form, with an endless supply of colour and style options. Pair this with pannier bags, front baskets, leather quilted saddles with matching bags and pretty much anything you can attach a vintage floral pattern to and it’s no wonder this reinvention has become an inner-city fashion necessity.


So whilst lycra-clad riders own the fast lane, there are some newcomers that are helping to spread the benefits of cycling to a much wider group. We can expect to see a much larger variety of people, for a variety of reasons, hitting the streets to experience nothing but the wind in their hair and the world at their feet. Great news for everyone who loves their bike!

-  Simone Busch from Reid Cycles


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