Vintage Ladies Bikes are perfect for Spring!

Vintage Ladies Bikes are perfect for Spring!

The Reid Cycles Vintage Ladies Bikes are perfect for Spring-time cycling!

Have you recently purchased one of our Ladies Vintage bikes?

Just re-joining the cycling game after a long absence?

Feeling a bit worried and lacking confidence?

Here are some little tips and tricks to help you get back on the bike!

First thing and some would argue most importantly: Ladies Bike Fashion!

To start off with it's easier riding in pants, leggings or shorts rather than long skirts or wide-legged trousers which can get caught in the chain or wheels. Go for light coloured tops so you are easily seen. Closed toed, flat shoes or runners are the way forward in footwear. They will protect your toes from any scrapes, and in the event that you need to stop suddenly and put your foot down.

Make sure your seat is adjusted to your own comfort levels. Personally, I prefer to be able to have both feet flat on the ground when stopped. This just helps you to feel stable and gives good “push off” from a dead stop. If you prefer to be on your tippy toes, great! Go with whatever you feel confident and comfortable with.

Always check your tyres before each ride. They can sometimes have a slow leak and will gradually lose pressure over time. The ideal tyre pressure for the ladies bikes is around 60PSI. A good quality pump with a gauge makes that easy.

Is your helmet a snug fit? The strap should be firm under your chin not flapping about. Remember they might not be the hippest fashion accessory, but they will save your life so make sure it a good fit and protecting your egg properly! Reid stocks a huge range of helmets in different colours to complement your style.

On your first couple of rides stick to bike paths in parks, along the beach or in areas that you are not competing with cars and speedy road cyclists (quiet back streets are good too). Cruising along at your own pace without worrying about cars is a great way to remind your body and mind how it feels to be on 2 wheels again in a relaxed environment.

Always keep to the left on bike paths and roads, this enables faster riders to pass you safely. If you are doing the passing, ding your bell when coming up behind someone so they know you are there and can move out of your way. Always obey traffic lights, they apply to you too!

If you purchased the 6-speed version and are a bit confused about how the gearing works, the number 1 rule is to only change the gear while you are in motion and pedalling, this will make sure they click correctly first making for a smooth ride. The lower gears are for hills and cruising around, while the higher gears are for flatter terrain or when you are really going hell for leather and getting some good speed up. Have a play changing gears; it’s important to be familiar with them and keep them in good working order. Alternatively, try a fixie/single speed bike and never worry about changing gears!

This brings me to my last point: How do I look after my bike?

Some basic maintenance you can do at home is to keep the chain lubricated. If you have ridden through rain or puddles you should oil it up as soon as possible afterwards. In dry conditions, once a month is ample. To keep your bike nice and sparkly, prevent rusting or paint being faded, ideally store your bike indoors. If this is not an option, we sell some great bike tarps to pop over them which will protect your new baby from the elements. Also, give it a wash every now and again to get rid of the dust and grime that might build up. You should have your bike serviced once every 6 to 12 months to keep it in optimal working order.

Riding a bike gives you such an amazing feeling of freedom that you just can’t get from a car or walking! The ladies vintage bikes are so comfortable and practical (especially when you buy the front and rear basket kits), great for a quick trip to the shops or cruising around on the weekend with the family. They are beautiful, and you will be sure to fall in love with your new freedom machine!

If you have any question please get in contact with us via the “contact us” tab or call our customer service team on (03) 9314 9091.

Happy Riding Ladies!


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