5 reasons cycling is more fun & training tips for 50km

5 reasons cycling is more fun & training tips for 50km

Bored of the gym? Losing motivation to train but want to stay fit and healthy? It may be time to change it up. Cycling is a great catalyst for change and will bring much needed variety to boring, old gym routines.

Not sure where to start? Find some motivation with a brand new bike. We've got a great range of bikes online, but you can also head down to your local Reid bike shop to have a test ride.

Cycling gives you the opportunity to train outdoors and explore the world, plus getting that heart rate up will have you feeling fit in no time. Our sponsored rider, Shayna, will be challenging herself to complete the 50km Around the Bay to get in shape for her wedding. She's looking forward to changing up her routine and pedaling her way to a more fit and healthy lifestyle.

If you're looking to get in shape for a big event, or to kick-start a more active lifestyle, but are dreading the thought of hitting the gym, here are 5 reasons why cycling is more fun anyway.

1. You’re not stuck in a box

The four walls of your local gym can make you feel pretty confined. With cycling, there’s a whole world out there to explore. If you’re bored of hitting the same old gym and the same old machines then cycling is your escape. You can take a different route each and every time you ride so there’s always a new challenge and new scenery to explore. Ditch the gym, hit the bike paths and find a bit of freedom.

2. It’s closer to home

Finding the motivation to drive in traffic all the way to the gym can be tough. With cycling, your bike is never far away so there’s no excuse. Plus your bike becomes a new, convenient mode of transport. You won’t even realise you’re exercising as you pop up to the shops for milk or cycle to the local cafe to meet with friends. The convenience of bike travel will help you lead an active life on a daily basis.

3. Fresh air and sunlight

Two key factors when it comes to being healthier and actually getting a better sleep. You probably spend most of your day indoors at work or school, in air conditioning and fluorescent lighting. So don’t exercise indoors as well! Fresh air is proven to boost energy better than your daily double strength mocha-chino.

4. Stress less

Studies have shown exercising outdoors makes you calmer and relieves tension. Had a tough week at work? Jump on your bike and cycle the stress away. Being out in the world will revitalise you and have a positive impact on your mental well-being.

5. Find motivation by training for an event

What do you really achieve training in a gym? Sure, you might be able to lift a heavier weight or pound the treadmill for a little longer. But where is that sense of achievement? Where’s the challenge? Signing up for a cycling event is a great way to find motivation. With an end goal in mind, your training becomes more meaningful so you’ll train harder and push yourself more.

Shayna's Training Plan

So you're ready to jump on your bike. What now? Sign up for an event to really get your training started.

Events like Around the Bay are a great place to start as they have a distance for every level of riding experience. From the big 250km that sponsored rider Paul is taking on to the 160km that Nick will be riding.

For beginners there's the 20km, or if you want to challenge yourself like our rider Shayna, sign up for the 50km!

Read on to discover how Shayna plans to tackle her training plan and be prepared for her ride.


I plan to tackle my training plan going by week to week. At the moment I have joined a bootcamp for the next two weeks so will be cycling and attending this, Sundays will be a dedicated cycling day, and then two days throughout the week. Some days I may cycle to the bootcamp so I can do this as one.

Once this is over, I will be dedicating Tuesdays and Thursdays (plus my Sundays) to training. This may include a morning ride or evening ride. As I work 8.30-5.30 most of these rides will be in the dark, this will take some getting use to so I will be starting with the quieter streets. As things will often pop up out of the blue, I may have to work around these days and change my plans last minute, but will be hoping to get the 3 rides in for the week. If the weather does not work in my favour, I plan to do some stationary cycling at the gym, there are some cycle classes on early morning so this fits in quite well. I often find I will push myself more in a group environment, much like riding in a group for Around the Bay.

Doing as much as I can, I am hoping I don't have too many set backs and can fit in the rides I need, or if not at least get in the km’s for the week. Looking forward to the journey ahead! 

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