7 ways to unforcefully force your friend to ride a bike

7 ways to unforcefully force your friend to ride a bike

Do you have that one friend who has every excuse in the book to avoid the obvious decision to acquire a bike? Well, that one friend used to be me, until I was introduced to the ever popular bike lifestyle.

Here are 7 foolproof ways to get your future cycling buddy on a bike (which they will thank you for eventually).

Foolproof Strategy 1: Buy them a bike!

If you’re a really good friend, buy them a bike and tell them they can pay you back if they enjoy it. They will - well, you'll make sure they will. Just make sure you consider what bike is right for them and choose the right colour!

Foolproof Strategy 2: Force - We ride together, we die together.

If they're taking their time to embrace the bike, sometimes, taking control is the only way. Chuck a helmet in their lap and force them to ride. The conversation can go down like this:

Foolproof Strategy 3: Tough love

Step 1. Tie your friend up with duct tape to a chair, or if you can’t find a chair, the wall will suffice.

Step 2. Blast “Queen – Bicycle Race” non-stop until they give in.

Step 3. Have a tough love approach to this procedure - don’t untie them until
they've agreed (and you've ordered) a bike.

Foolproof Strategy 4: Throw their car keys away.

Foolproof Strategy 5: Make car keys 'harder' to use

Alternatively, to not completely crush their spirit, replace this cleverly positioned stapler with said keys.

Foolproof Strategy 6: Play a Game!

Play a game of ‘compare the petrol receipts’. Classic game. To win, your receipts must show the least amount of money spent on petrol over the last week. You’ll win every time with your hand of $0. Be sure to showboat, subtly.

Foolproof Strategy 7: Guilt trip

Tell them 'every time you drive, a tree needs to be planted to balance the environmental effect.' If they can’t do it, remind them that they’re contributing to global warming. Maybe not 100% true, but it’s there or there abouts!

There you have it, 7 ways to 'convince' your future cycling buddy into buying a bike and riding more often. Now, I know cycling isn’t for everyone, but when you think about how much fun you’ll have, how much money and time you’ll save, plus the health benefits – you’ve got to at least try it out, right?

Tip: Be sure to understand why they might not want to ride in the first place. If your friends are anything like me, I hadn’t ridden a bike since I was at least ten years old, so you can imagine how daunting it could be. Be sure to take into account these factors that may be inhibiting your friend from riding...

Safety – Many people will avoid cycling due to the fear of their or others safety. If this is the case, give them a few lessons on the basics and build their confidence. Safety first folks.

Time – Remember to take into account where your friend might live. What if they live two hours out of town? Perhaps consider hitting the trails.

Fashion – We all like to look our best, even when we’re riding, and your friend might be one of them! Read this, it might change their mind about how the days of the tight lycra shorts are over.

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Written by Frances Smith @littlemissexplorer

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