Fashion Tips for Cycling

Fashion Tips for Cycling

There’s nothing wrong with cycling gear, but sometimes it ain’t so cute to rock up to a girly picnic in bike shorts and a neon safety vest.

To provide some inspiration, our good friends at Fashion Journal have rounded up a list of fashionable bicycle attire, and how best to wear it.


The midi: We love a good maxi, but getting your skirt tangled up in the spokes of your bike can be dangerous. A midi skirt or dress hits you midway on your calf, and won’t interfere with the pedals. Easy peasy. Match this with the Vintage 7-speed Classic, as it's an easy step-through and gives you that classic Dutch look.

The playsuit: This is definitely the cutest way to ride your bicycle, and playsuits are pretty much foolproof. Combining the flair of a dress with the functionality of a short. We'd pair this with any vintage bike.

The jumpsuit: Jumpsuits work like a playsuit, but offer a bit more coverage, and generally look smarter. Perfect for a day to night thang. Stick with a Ladies Vintage Bike as they all have a chain guard to keep your kit looking fine!

The culottes: Culottes were pretty much made for fashionable cycling so we’re chuffed with this comeback. These wide-legged trousers are a little bit cropped and hang like a skirt. Ridiculously comfy, and nice and breezy. The perfect partner for this super stylish, classic look, is the Vintage 3-speed Deluxe. It's an easy step-through and the upright seating/grip position maintains the look you're going for. You'll be turning heads.

The skort: The skort is a trend we have not bid farewell to. Mini skirts are hard to pull off on a bike, but the skort helps you achieve that look without compromising comfort. Keep it real on a step-through - the Vintage 7-Speed Lite is well suited to the look.

Shorts: Shorts are easy, but the benefit here is choice. Denim, printed, block colours, low-waisted, high-waisted, mid-rise, casual, dressy. The options are endless, and it's an easy bike match because it works with everything! We love the shorts / fixie look. Can you see yourself cruising around on a Harrier? Hot.

Jeans: The key here is to look for stretch denim. Leave the heavy denims and the flared styles at home and crack out your thin, soft jeans in a boyfriend or skinny style. Rips help, especially at the knees. You’ll find them less constricting. As per the denim shorts, jeans go with all bike styles. #cycliststaple

The summer dress: Mini dresses are a tough one. We recommend steering clear of bodycon shapes and opting for a summer dress that flares out. Your legs have the flexibility to move, and the dress will drape over all the bits that you don’t want to flash. Wear bike shorts underneath on a windy day! Well suited to any Reid Ladies Vintage bike, and here's a top tip, grab a rubber band and a weighty stone, use these to rig up a makeshift weight at the front of your dress to stop it flying up.

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