Granite Review - We Are Explorers

Granite Review - We Are Explorers

Ross Blank and Henry Brydon take a trip to the Blue Mountains to test out the more adventurous side of the Reid Granite. Read on to find out what Ross really thought of our hybrid road bike.

Meet Ross

First things first, I’ll openly admit, I have never owned a cyclocross / hybrid bike, so any of my comments here are relative to the types of bikes I have owned. My previous experience includes a race bike or two, a time trial and an all mountain bike. When Henry first hit me up about going on a touring trip to the Blue Mountains, none of the bikes in my quiver gave me the ability to go anywhere, while carrying pretty much anything.

Adventure on the Granite

Enter the Reid Granite.

It's tagline is ‘Find your way to work each day and then get lost on the weekend’ and it certainly didn't disappoint. Loaded up with 30 litres worth of camping gear, we threw this hybrid bike down dirt roads, up serious inclines and even tackled some fairly technical single track.

We definitely put the Reid Granite through its paces, and not only did it suck it up, it was heaps of fun to ride.

The Nitty-Gritty

The Granite looks great and has an awesome group set for the price point. It's got loads of fixture points for panniers and water bottles which will definitely come in handy when touring. Thicker tyres than a typical road bike meant the Granite could handle some of the gnarlier stuff we threw at it. Overall it's a jack of all trades.

It isn't the lightest and may not have the bottom bracket clearance of a mountain bike, or the shocks (so you couldn’t handle some of the bigger drops) but it's one hell of a piece of kit.

In summary, if you only have the need - or the cash - for just one bike that has the versatility to do pretty much anything, then the Granite is a great option. Case in point being that after cycling it around for a week before our trip, Henry didn't want to give it back.


Sound like the bike for you? Shop the Reid Granite no

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