International REID Rider of the Month July

International REID Rider of the Month July

Introduce yourself... (A bit about yourself, where you're from etc)

Hello there. I’m Josef von Nuding. I’m currently 19 years old, from England and the short story is, I am passionate about riding my bicycle and living my life on TheOneGoodRoad.

When and how did you get into bike riding?

I used to hate bikes, and riding them in general, I even avoided it as I had a fear of cycling? Sounds strange saying that now… Then to go forward in time, when I was 15-16 years old I got into Calisthenics & Running… I met this amazing Dutch family who went on incredible Bicycle Adventures and then I decided for myself to pick up my bike and go on my own adventures. My Bicycle allows me freedom of movement. Changing my perception of time & still wanting to expand and move forward. To Explore New Roads, Landscape, Nature, People, different cultures, Sustainability and learn more about Ecological and Environmentally sustainable practices which reflect living in a more conscious way with the Earth and sentient life.  My intention is to hopefully arrive somewhere closer to knowing who I am, the ways I want to live and support myself and who I might choose to be...

So we heard you're doing a bicycle tour?

Yes, I'm Cycling in Australia for Charity. The Charity is World Bicycle Relief where you can Donate £95 to give an Buffalo Bicycle to a child in Africa and other developing countries.

And what made you chose the CX to do this tour?

You guys made a bicycle at a very affordable price, that is just what I needed it to be!

And how was the CX treated you?

The CX is treating me well from Sydney to Echuca (and heading on West to add more kilometers! and experiences! ) Check out the updates on my Instagram and YouTube video reviews as I ride, and share my journeys. I recommend a CX bike it to anyone who has a budget and also wants a New Updated Gravel Bicycle (As of writing this in 2018)

What and where have you been with it?

I started in Sydney and I've completed already 1000km and I'm still intending to head far west towards Perth. For me it's the intention to see and fully experience this amazing vast country and to meet the local people who are so hospitable and supportive along my journey. I also have my YouTube Documentaries of my Bicycle Tours.

Where do you have planned for the rest of the tour?

I take life a step at a time. I follow my impulses and intuition to see what happens next. I don't really plan that far ahead and my life journey reflects this. Though I do research thoroughly my routes and weather conditions, so I follow the flow of nature. My goal is to cycle from coast to coast in Australia for charity and my minimum goal is 3000km (£1 = 1km) I began the tour in Sydney and I'm heading out to the West. We’ll see how far I get :) It is all an Adventure.

Do you have any other future adventures planned?

I've Cycled around 50,000km in 34 different countries. I've traveled in total already in 45 countries, which included Cycling Coast to Coast in the United States and North to the Southern Border of the USA, also from the Top (North Island) to the Bottom (South Island) of New Zealand, From the Arctic Circle to the Top of Africa, and ALL Across Europe to Turkey. In addition I also Bicycle Toured in Spain on a Tandem Bicycle ( actually because my very first Bicycle was stolen) cycling 312km in One Day was my longest distance. The list is endless with all the stories I've had on my adventures, so I don’t like to predict what is next. I am very much about what will happen will happen, following my impulses and seeing where my journeys in the world take me. I’m very satisfied and happy with that.

Finally, what advice would you give to those who have never been on a biking adventure or even a bike?

If you've thought about Cycling and don't know where to begin.. The simplest advice I can give you is to just pick up a bike and start riding! Trust your intuition and see where your Bicycle takes you.. Make the intention to pack you bags and set off on the adventure for a week, a month, maybe even a year? (I recommend a bank account with money and reserve funds in it, though that is optional as you can work on your way) Build these journeys up over time and learn from your experiences. For sure you'll meet amazing people along the way! And come to know more about your self and the world in the process. It is Life Changing!


So, let’s see what the REID community can do!

Head over to Josefs Campaign for World Bicycle Relief Charity

And make sure to check out his awesome YouTube Channel to keep up with his tour of Australia on our REID CX!

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