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Azur Radiant 750/25 Lumens Light Set

Azur Radiant 750/25 Lumens Light Set

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The Azur 750 Light Set is a reliable and affordable light set that will fill all your needs for rides in the dark. On the front you'll have 750 lumens to be used in 8 different modes for up to 90 hours (flashing mode), powered by the USB rechargeable lithium 3.7 V battery. While on the rear you'll have 25 lumens of light in 3 different modes, with up to 8 hours run time in flashing mode. This light set from Azur gives you plenty of visibility and a range of mode options so that you can tailor your lights for any conditions.


  • Powerful 750 lumens. 
  • 8 modes: Eco Beam, Normal Beam, Medium Beam, High Beam, Slow flash 
  • Normal beam, Slow flash - Medium beam, Slow flash 
  • High beam, Quick flash 
  • Medium beam 
  • Aluminium body. 
  • Side visibility for extra safety. 
  • USB rechargeable lithium 3.7V battery. 
  • Macro USB rechargeable cable included 
  • Charging indicator. 
  • Water resistant: IPX4 
  • Charge time: 10 hours 
  • Quick release integrated tool free bracket.

Front Run Times:

  • Eco Beam (30% 30hrs) 
  • Normal Beam (30% 15hrs) 
  • Medium Beam (50% 10hrs) 
  • High Beam (100% 5hrs) 
  • Slow flash - Normal beam (90hrs) 
  • Slow flash - Medium beam (20hrs) 
  • Slow flash - High beam (10hrs) 
  • Quick flash - Medium beam (45hrs)


  • One super bright red LED 25 Lumen 
  • 3 modes: 100% Brightness, 50% Brightness and Flashing. 
  • USB rechargeable lithium 3.7V with over charging protection circuit. 
  • Charging indicator. 
  • Macro USB rechargeable cable included. 
  • Charge time: 2-3 hours. 
  • Water resistant: IPX4 
  • Tool Free Bracket.
  • Press power button to switch between modes. Press button to switch off.

Rear run times: 

  • 100% Brightness (4hrs) 
  • 50% Brightness (8hrs) 
  • Flashing (8hrs)