Cygolite Bike Accessories

Bike lights are a key accessory for any cyclist and Cygolite, together with Reid Cycles, has got you covered. Luminous, bright and affordable, you’ll shine bright like a diamond with Cygolite’s great range.


Cygolite came about as a result of Southern Californian cycling enthusiasts who envisioned bike lighting systems that utilised the latest cutting-edge technology. Since 1991, Cygolite has been lighting the way with innovation and quality.


Part of the reason for their success is that Cygolite prides itself on the fact that its employees are all riders themselves. The benefit of this is that they can design products based on their own experiences and use their love of cycling to engineer top-level products that are needed.


Cygolite is one of our leading bike light brands, offering headlights that come with a rechargeable USB battery (with a battery life up to 10hrs) and handlebar mounts to ensure unparalleled safety and value. And with powerful LED lights, you’ll never be left in the dark again.


Check out the full range of Reid Cycles’ accessories and get down to one of our stores to test out the great Cygolite bike lights for yourself.

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