Rapid Dropbar

Reid Price $299.99

AZUR Alloy Rear Pannier Rack - Frame Mount

Everything to get you rolling and basic maintenance!




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If you're getting into commuting, road riding, fitness training or just looking for a reliable, fun way to get around, you should take a very close look at the Rapid! Available in flat bar and drop bar models!

  • The Rapid Drop Bar is the best way to get into road riding without breaking the bank!
  • The 14-speed Shimano Tourney drivetrain is durable, reliable and easy to use!
  • Quando quick-release hubs with double-wall alloy rims give you light, strong wheels.

If you decide to upgrade to a carbon fibre racing machine later, you'll still love the Rapid as a commuter, tourer, shopper or pub bike!

The aluminium alloy frame is light and stiff, while the steel fork gives vertical compliance for improved comfort, feel and durability. The shape of the bike puts you in a commanding, upright position for visibility of the road ahead and the traffic around you.

It has rear rack mounts, so you can easily install a rack to carry panniers, baskets or simply strap on your own bag. The threaded headset allows you to easily adjust the height of the handlebars as well. You can adjust it up to suit quick commutes and shopping runs or lower it for a more aerodynamic position for epic road rides. The frame comes in four sizes so you can get a perfect fit.

Bikes at this price point often feature an odd assortment of cheap, no-name components, but not the Rapid. We carefully chose a package of parts that gives the best reliability and performance, while still keeping the price ultra affordable. The 14-speed gears come from Shimano, the biggest name in bike parts. The dual-pivot brakes are from Promax, another big name. Dual-pivot means that instead of old-fashioned brake callipers that lever off the central bolt, the brakes lever off two separate pivot points, increasing the braking power, feel and control. It also makes it easy to maintain and adjust. The wheels are double-walled aluminium alloy, so they're light and strong. We've chosen Kenda road race tyres in a standard 25c size. This means that they're durable and fast-rolling, with plenty of grip and control. The chain comes from KMC, one of the biggest and most highly respected chain manufacturers in the world. Other key features include the sealed bearings in the bottom bracket for minimal maintenance and the quick-release hubs on the wheels.

The Reid Cycles Rapid is definitely the best value road bike in Australia under $300.

Shop online or view the full range of bikes in store, built by our skilled mechanics and ready for a test ride!


Awesome bikes, value and service is just the beginning. There are loads more reasons to choose Reid Cycles, find out here.



Frame Material Aluminium Alloy
Fork Steel Bladed Fork
Gearing 14-Speed Shimano
Crankset Reid Alloy 40/48T Double Chainring Crankset
Shifters Shimano Thumbshifters
Front Derailleur Shimano Tourney
Rear Derailleur Shimano Tourney
Brakes Promax Dual-Pivot Caliper Brakes
Brake Levers Promax Alloy
Hub Quando Alloy Quick Release
Wheelset-Rim Double Wall Alloy Race
Tyres Kenda 700 x 23c
Chain KMC
Freewheel/Cassette Shimano 7-Speed Freewheel
Bottom Bracket VP Sealed Bearing - 124.5mm
Handlebars Promax Alloy Race Bar
Stem Promax 1" Threaded Alloy Race
Grips Reid Bar Tape
Saddle Reid Race
Seatpost Promax Alloy 27.2mm
Pedals PVC Platform, 9/16" steel axle
Weight (kgs) 11.8

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Customer Reviews

Epic for the price Review by Kem
Had my condor for 4 years. Bought it as a cheap runaround for 240 on sale. It's been the best beater bike ive ever owned. Its now getting upgraded to a reid cyclecross bike. I got my money out of it by far such a good thing. Still love riding it now . (Posted on 14/12/2017)
Just what I wanted Review by Bob M
Bought two Condor road bikes a few weeks after looking around at what's available. We're in Australia for 3 month helping to look after two grandsons while their brother has chemotherapy and thought a couple of road bikes would get us out of the house regularly. This meant finding something not too expensive and the Condor came top of the list. We've now covered a few hundred km and are very impressed! I hesitate to use the work cheap but at this price they're hard to beat!
'Old style' mechs. means easy servicing so they can be kept on the road with minor problems easily dealt with. Not light but then not particularly heavy and as we have only small hills to deal with (unlike home in the English North Pennines!), weight was not an issue.
Had one puncture on the first ride - as I think others have mentioned the same problem, one of the rim tapes was not seated properly. Would therefore recommend checking them before setting out initially.Changed the tyres anyway after a few rides to some Specialised 25mm to get a bit more comfort and puncture resistance as we are riding occasional gravel roads. Also fitted saddle and pedals brought with us for the duration of the trip.
Looking forward to more trips out exploring the area and in the future when we return knowing the bikes are waiting for us!
If you spot a black Reid bikein the Albury area ridden by somebody with an Allen Valley Velo Cycling Club top - that's me!
All in all, a good buy - thanks Reid!
(Posted on 22/09/2015)
This going to be my bike Review by Mick
I will be reaching Sydney to study a Masters degree in a month's time. I love to cycle and for past few months have been searching for cycles that I might buy. When searching cost was a major factor for me since I wanted a bike mainly for commuting, fitness and exploring. I didn't need a fancy bike but nevertheless wanted a solidly built one. I wasn't very knowledgeable about today's bike technology and the factors that make bikes expensive prior to my recent research. I I had been to websites like Trek, Giant and the rest but didn't want to pay the huge premium that these big names charge. I was pleasantly surprises when I chanced upon Reid cycles. First and foremost the bikes are reasonably priced, they look very nice and people love them (reviews) and respect the workmanship. I cannot wait to go the Reid cycles shop in Sydney and get this bike!!! (Posted on 17/06/2015)
Not just about the bike but the service Review by Jazzy Jeff
I upgraded to a drop bar after trying out the flat bar and I have to say I am loving the drop bar and it's many positions. I love the old school gear shifters located on the fork instead of flicking the brakes sideways.
But it's not only about the bike. It was the highly-impressive customer service that I got when I visited the Melbourne shop. I was served by Chris who was such a champ. He actually specialised in bike fitting and to me this is the most important factor when buying a bike. He explain everything in detail and made suggestions but also knew how to be genuinely honest. There should be a ratings bar for "customer service"so I can give him a 5/5.
(Posted on 26/03/2015)
Great bike other than one glaring flaw. Review by Matt
The only thing wrong with the condor is the rear freewheel. Bending the back axle is inevitable if you're a stronger or heavier rider. If this were replaced with a freehub, it'd be the perfect entry level bike.

I've also encountered four separate bicycles from Reid with rim tape off center on the wheels, this resulted in a flat in the first week or so of ownership for two friends. This didn't stop me recommending their bikes to others, I just took to deflating the tyres and checking the tape after that.

Everything else about their bikes was put together well, their staff are great and the bikes are great value.
(Posted on 15/03/2015)
Got this bike last year Review by Tom
Got this bike last year July and one of the crank arms broke while I was riding...had to pedal home using one leg. Reid fixed the issue, replacing the crank arm and bottom bracket, although the new crank arm looks way different...It's an ok bike for the price, I guess you get what you pay for. If you want a Reid bike, don't get anything below the falco range. (Posted on 20/01/2015)
Recommended for a first road bike Review by UJAW
This bike is perfect for anyone buying their first road bike. It is cheap and very high quality. (Posted on 24/12/2014)
A Great First Road Bike Review by Graaace
I bought my Reid Condor in July 2013. Kept it in storage for a while. But recently started using it again from July 2014 to November 2014. I have racked up close to 700kms.

I am 62kgs in body weight and use the smallest 45cm frame. And I find the bike easily cruises at speeds of 20+km/h with the rear panniers with 10kgs. Without the rack or panniers this bike can easily sprint up to 40+km/h speeds in flats.

The Shimano 14-28T 6 speed and Reid 40/48T drivetrain components are decent. The bike itself is value for money and rides okay.

You'd need a proper bike fit and service first. It's a great first road bicycle. My next road bike would need a compact crank for hills as this bike struggles with extra load (panniers or trailer).

Some issues were that the shifting needs monthly maintenance and the Promax brake levers cracked in a minor crash but was easily fixed with glue and tape.

Another thing that bothers me is the bike specs in the webpage for the cassette is incorrect. It's a 14-28T 6 speed (2013 Reid Condor) and not a 7 speed cassette.

I'm going to keep using the Condor for years to come and for the price that I paid $249 on sale it was worth it. TY Reid.
(Posted on 12/11/2014)
I LOVE my Condor Review by Mossy
I bought my Reid Condor in August 2014 for my birthday and I love it. I am riding in the MS Gong Ride in November 2014 on this bike.

The staff at the Sydney store were absolutely awesome to deal with.
(Posted on 27/10/2014)
PIECE OF MACHINE!!! Review by Morse
Have had my Reid Condor for about 3 years now!
Everyone I know says they're S**T! I disagree big time, No mechanical problems what so ever!
*4 Heavy accidents on it*
*100,000+ Km*
*Maxed at 54 Km/h (so Far) on flat*
*22 wheel tubes so far*
*1 New front wheel*
*still running 1 original tyre!!!!!*
*New Seat post, saddle, clamp & bar tape*
Little uncomfortable after the 100km Mark on a ride.
But all I have to say is Thank-you Reid Cycles! it's been a treat to ride & show off on! <3
Would upgrade but I don't like the colouring on your other bikes...
Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula
Morse (Dirty Mongrels Racing Human Powered Vehicle Team)
(Posted on 12/07/2014)
solid bike solid price Review by jimbo
Bought this bike (CONDOR) a few weeks ago. It's a great ride and it's comfortable too. No issues yet. Reid cycles have great customer service too. I suggest you hit them up for your next bike! (Posted on 14/06/2014)
Great on road commuter Review by Nitro
I bought my Condor almost 3 years ago and it is still running fine. Since its old tech I can do all my own maintenance on it. I have ridden road bikes since 1992 and used the same gear shifts as the Condor for all that time just for commuting and its doing a great job of it.
Love the bike and the feel of it going at 30 km/h or more.
(Posted on 14/06/2014)
Cheap and Great Review by Gerry A
I ordered my condor on 18 aug and it arrived 22 aug. I cant believe the value for money and it rides beautifully. everything works and I also got the freebies pack. my cycling is done on a shoestring budget and I am overjoyed at the value for 259 dollars.. thankyou reids (Posted on 10/04/2014)
Fabulous service, fabulous bike, fabulous price! Review by Maise

I'd just like to say that [name removed] your sales assistant at Reid Cycles Parramatta Road store gave my son and I sensational service. In fact I haven't experienced such personal care and attention in retail for years.

[name removed] gave us undivided attention for an hour and a half . He helped my son pick his first road bike for his first triathlon. But not only did he go the extra mile to make sure we were completely satisfied with the specific bike but he was also able to recommend many accessories to ensure that my son gets the most out of his road bike training experience.

[name removed] mentioned it was his first week at the store so I am even so much more impressed with his confidence in product knowledge and genuine desire to see my son outfitted with all the essentials for his new road bike sport.

[name removed] even walked us to the car and helped load the bike onto our bike rack. He didn't have to offer to do that after spending so much time with us already.

We purchased a "Condor" ( for a fraction of the price you would pay for a very similar product at other top end bike stores) and I'm so pleased with the bikes performance.

My son has now completed his first triathlon and the bike is not only purpose built brilliantly but the price was just right. I would have had to pay at least $900.00 for the same bike elsewhere.

I'm so impressed that we will be coming back at Christmas to buy myself and my daughter a new road bike as well.

Thanks [name removed] for your exceptional service and product knowledge and thanks Reid Cycles for a sensational product.
(Posted on 10/04/2014)
Happy Cyclist Review by Happy Cyclist
Bought my reid condor bike at the Perth store, I've had it for 5 months and for the price I paid ($230 on sale), it's done me well. I've done 22 rides so far, approx. 18km/ride and a 50km ride. It started making funny noises after the big ride so I took it in on a Sunday expecting to have to pick it up the following Sunday (they only service bikes during weekdays) but they serviced it for me straightaway! Was really happy about this as it's a long way for me to travel.

All in all, decent bike for what you pay and great service.
(Posted on 10/04/2014)
Great Online service Review by David H
I ordered my Condor road bike yesterday afternoon online and decided to pick it up from the store myself as it is fairly close. I was told to wait for a call from the store to go pick it up. I decided to go in today anyway, I was there when they opened and asked if they had received my order yet and sure enough they had it. The guy serving me went out back and came back with my bike a couple of minutes later and said " here you go it's all your". So within 5 minutes I had my bike and was on my way home again! I took it out for a spin, about 14 km and I am very happy so far!
(Posted on 10/04/2014)
I would recomend this bike Review by Kylie B
I purchased a Condor for my daughter as she has just started doing triathlons and needed a road bike. We got a second set of brakes fitted that she could reach and some pink tape for the handle bars and she is the envy of the track. I would recomend this bike to any beginner it's fantasticly priced and fits in well with the highend branded bikes for a tenth the price. Thanks very much! (Posted on 10/04/2014)

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Size Guide


Rapid Drop Bar         47cm        51cm        54cm       57cm      
TT Length (horizontal top tube)                530 550 573 590
ST Length 475 510 545 570
HT Length 140 160 180 200
ST Angle 74 73 73 72
HT Angle 72 72 72 72
RC Length 420 420 420 420
BB Drop 70 70 70 70
Fork Rake 45 45 45 45
Front Centre 587 598 609 622
Wheelbase 996 1008 1020 1032
Fork Length 378 378 378 378


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